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  • Quick Guide to Search Engine Optimization

    Опубликовано: 12.12.2019

    For a site to become popular, it must be registered in popular search engines and in white directories. For successful resource registration and subsequent indexing of web pages by search robots, you need to adhere to some optimization rules. There are specialized companies such as Dreamtag that promote websites in search engines, if you wish, you can turn to them. 1. Never leave meta tags blank. Correctly entered tag attributes contribute to the growth of the rating of the resource. The meta tag "title" also positively affects the relevance of both individual pages and the entire site.

    2. When compiling a description for the site should be considered. That the main information that contains the main idea and key phrases should be in the first twenty words. This is the length perceived by search robots. You may also be interested in get more likes on instagram free, more detailed information can be viewed by clicking on the link.

    3. To select the appropriate key phrases that could convey the theme of the site, use special services such as Yandex. Direct. No need to choose hackneyed words, because many search engines do not pay attention to them.

    4. Use tables and layers for page layout. The use of frames makes it difficult to index the content of a resource by search robots.

    5. Browse the site for empty and broken links.

    6. Make sure that the maximum size of your pages remains within 60 kb. Excessively large pages are also poorly perceived by search engines, in addition, users do not like to wait long for pages to load.

    7. Previously, webmasters placed on their site a set of keywords that was invisible to ordinary users and intended only for search engines. Since the length of the keywords tag is limited, it was believed that if you scatter keywords throughout the page, you could increase the position of the resource in the list of search results. Perhaps this method worked before, but today's search engine algorithms are much smarter, and will not pay attention to such spam.

    8. In order for search engines to regularly browse the web for updates, you must add the following code: META name = "document-state" content = "dynamic".

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